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What is the
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What is the Crizac Ambassador Program?

The Crizac Ambassador Program is designed for all existing Crizac students and Alumni looking for the opportunity to get involved. Crizac ambassadors connect with recruitment partners and prospective students to share their personal experiences abroad and aid students in their decision making processes while gaining industry knowledge and exposure

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Connect with us today for the opportunity to become a certified career counsellor while helping promote study abroad to overseas students

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Get connected with us today to lay the foundation for a profitable venture together. Let us carve your identity on the Global Education Platform with our unique and dynamic business approach and round the clock boutique services.

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Industry specific knowledge

Earn attractive incentives

Become a certified career counsellor

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Get in Touch

If you have any business related questions, or concerns, please send us a message and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

For any Investors related queries get in touch with our Company Secretary and Compliance Officer.