New rules for the international students travelling abroad

New rules for the international students travelling abroad

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Vaccination is a must-have criterion for students to attend physical lectures in the campuses. Only vaccines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) approved list are permissible, which could, potentially, eliminate those inoculated by Covaxin. 

New rules for the international students travelling abroad

As per new guidelines  people who are vaccinated have the permission  to attend the physical lectures in the campus. People who are vaccinated by the vaccines that are on the list of WHO are only allowed  to attend the physical lecture classes. There is a high chance that people who were vaccinated with Covaxin will not be allowed. 

United States

In the case of the United States, general people cannot enter the United States from India but the exception is only made for the international students. As per the guidelines students must be fascinated in order to enter the campus. The 12-16-week gap between two doses of the Covishield vaccine is the set norm in India, the Ministry of Health has made an exception for students planning international travel.


France does not have any kind of automatic approval process for India. The approval will vary based on student to student if they are fully vaccinated with double doses of vaccination. France is only considering vaccines that are permissible by the WHO. Students who were contracted with covid-19 in the past 14 days to the visa application, will have to wait for approximately four to six week before even considering travelling.


The  travel restriction for Indians is in place right now but Indian students are allowed with a monthly cap on the numbers. The number of Indian students currently allowed to travel in Australia  is 800 students but this  permission is only for fuel Australian locations. 

United Kingdom

There is no vaccination requirement made by the UK authorities for the Indian students. As per the present rules Indian students can visit the United Kingdom if they have a valid visa. 


Around 25000 Indian students are being held back in China compared to other countries where they  are permitted to enter the campus and continue their study. Indian students are currently not permitted to go back to their campus and resume their study. In a report it has been found  that Indian students have written applications to the Ministry of External Affairs for the interventions so that the medical students can go to their campus to resume their education further. 


As of now  Canada is following the path of the USA. The permission to enter students is dependent upon case to case  and only those  International students are permitted who are being vaccinated by the WHO- approved vaccines. 

However, once the visa interview slots opened on June 14, there was a sudden rush for bookings which led to technical glitches.

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