Research Opportunities in Canada – Popular Research, Funding and Achievements

Research Opportunities in Canada – Popular Research, Funding and Achievements

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Canada is by far one of the biggest countries in terms of attracting international students. It has also declared to welcome more than 1 million students in their country. These policies help Canada to build a strong economy because only bright students enter the economy. 

Research Opportunities in Canada – Popular Research, Funding and Achievements

Many of these students have the aspiration to enter in the field of research  and development. So the Canadian government invests a lot of money and resources into building their infrastructure for research and development. From the undergraduate students to post graduates everyone is encouraged to engage in research projects. Statcan data has found out that almost 30% of the students are non-Canadians. In recent years research opportunities have played an important role in international students’ decision to choose Canada as a study destination. 

There are different schemes which help students to come out with different research ideas and projects. These ideas are further supported by the university and in some cases industries. The monetary benefits are also provided to increase the enthusiasm of students. Some universities like University of Toronto are considered as a global standard when it comes to research  infrastructure in the university. In 2018 University of Toronto was awarded 1.27 billion dollars as research funds.

Some universities have gone  so far to encourage students to engage in research projects of any idea that they have. International students interested in research are supported by universities,  governments  and industries as well.

Canadian universities spend a lot of resources as well to attract bright talent from all over the world in the form of ELP and FLP,  different kinds of support services, workshops Al,  vocational training.  

Below are the some data which will prove that Canadian government investment  in the research and development:

Universities performed CAD 13 billion in Research and Development in 2014, which is 40 percent of total Canadian research and development.

Canadian Universities conduct CAD 1 billion in research for businesses and help build their competitive advantage.

Canadian Universities conduct CAD 1.2 billion for the non-profit sector which has tripled since the year 2000.

As per  one report  around 5000 researchers and scientific authors  have cited scientific papers only from Canada.

Research opportunities for Indian international students in the Canada:

As per National Research Council or NRC  international students are encouraged to openly engage in research on medicine,  biology and physiology.  international students will have an enormous amount of opportunity to work with different scientists in their own domain. One of the biggest advantages of Canadian education system is that the industry is also engaged with the universities in order to encourage more research and development. This is how the research and development that are done by the international students are used in real life scenarios.

Some of the research fields in which Canada has high level of specialization: -

  • Medicine
  • Physiology 
  • Businesses
  • IOT
  • Agriculture/farming
  • Horticulture
  • Fisheries and Forestry
  • Outstanding Researches and Researchers in Canada

Some of the fields where Canadian researchers have created impact

  • Developing energy-efficient computer memory
  • Food prevention – green roofs
  • Clean water for rural areas
  • Tobacco helps to fight cancer
  • The “Canadian vaccine” against Ebola
  • Big data to battle traffic
  • Preserving indigenous languages
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Stem cell research

Mentioned are few well-known researchers in Canad

  • Gary Kobinger – Eradicating Ebola virus
  • Xiangguo Qiu – Preventing Ebola virus
  • Tom Chau – Giving voice to voiceless
  • Kamran Khan – Big data to uncover outbreaks of infectious diseases
  • Louis Taillefer – Making waves in the quantum physics

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